From Print to Digital: It’s Not as Easy as You Might Think

Although print is not dead, yet, the Internet is quickly taking its place in journalism. The problem is journalists coming over from the print side sometimes find it difficult to fit in. But in an article Penry Price, the vice president of global agency development at Google, said in the early years of the Internet … Continue reading

Is 3D what Newspapers need?

Well I’m not really sure. But having Obama jump out of the front page of the New York Times, like something out of Harry Potter, would be pretty cool. Newspapers need something to stay competitive and be profitable. You may think I am crazy but let me explain. In the last few years, movie studios … Continue reading

It’s Vacation time for USA Today

Things are looking even worse for USA Today. It was announced that the paper, which is owned by Gannett, is forcing its employees to take a week long unpaid “vacation” and suspending salary increases for three months. This is not good. USA announced that its ad pages were down 10.5 percent in the last quarter … Continue reading

The Slow Death of Print

It was summed up by Grandpa Simpson the best, “You’re in the newspaper business? Finally something that will die before I do.” It was reported in the New York Times that magazine newsstand sales have plummeted in the last year by 9.1 percent, along with a decline in subscriptions. This is nothing compared to the … Continue reading