My desktop

So my plan on actually posting stuff to this blog is an utter failure. I will try to remdy this but it is unlikely I will post stuff, hey no one is probably reading this anyway. But I did have a thought this morning, and by this morning I mean when I woke up at … Continue reading

When people see a pay wall they run.

According to an article in the Media Daily News, Variety has seen its page views drop 40 percent ever since it put up a pay wall in December.  Also Newsday has seen a decline in its page views ever since it put up that infamous pay wall a few months ago. This is not surprising, … Continue reading

Britain, An Experiment.

In the crumbling era of newspapers, News Corp recently started charging online readers for the Times of London. So their basic plan is to see if this will work or fail miserably in Britain before they try it in a larger market like the United States. However, in the United States the prospects for online … Continue reading

Surprise! People Won’t Pay for News

If I were to say you had a choice between a free house and paying a mortgagee for 30 yeas which one would you choose? The free one? That’s what I thought. This is the mentality the Internet drives on. It is a free roaming dump of information, among other things, and for the most … Continue reading