Should the Government “Bailout” Newspapers?

No. That is a horrible idea, an easy idea, but a horrible solution. There needs to be a separation of the newspaper industry from any government influence. If not, journalists will be unable to report to the people information on their governments activities without some level of interference. Newspaper executives expressed great apprehension when they … Continue reading

Attack of the Catholic Church

While I was laying out a newspaper and digesting, or trying to digest the last of my peeps, the New York Times was continuing to make the Vatican really angry. In a recent article the Times reported about a pedophile priest that Pope Benedict XVI, then Archbishop of Munich, let get away with molesting a … Continue reading

It’s Vacation time for USA Today

Things are looking even worse for USA Today. It was announced that the paper, which is owned by Gannett, is forcing its employees to take a week long unpaid “vacation” and suspending salary increases for three months. This is not good. USA announced that its ad pages were down 10.5 percent in the last quarter … Continue reading