My desktop

So my plan on actually posting stuff to this blog is an utter failure. I will try to remdy this but it is unlikely I will post stuff, hey no one is probably reading this anyway. But I did have a thought this morning, and by this morning I mean when I woke up at … Continue reading

Attack of the Catholic Church

While I was laying out a newspaper and digesting, or trying to digest the last of my peeps, the New York Times was continuing to make the Vatican really angry. In a recent article the Times reported about a pedophile priest that Pope Benedict XVI, then Archbishop of Munich, let get away with molesting a … Continue reading

Surprise! People Won’t Pay for News

If I were to say you had a choice between a free house and paying a mortgagee for 30 yeas which one would you choose? The free one? That’s what I thought. This is the mentality the Internet drives on. It is a free roaming dump of information, among other things, and for the most … Continue reading