Ads Ads Ads!

Apple has unveiled a new way of doing advertising and it might actually work. At a recent press conference Steve Jobs announced iAd, a new aspect of the new developers kit for the iPhone OS4. i Ad will let people advertise inside applications. But these ads are not like the ones that appear on the … Continue reading

Making Money off Twitter

Twitter has announced that they have finally found a way to make money. However, I don’t think it will work. Basically what will happen is when someone searches a term, like Starbucks, the top tweet will be a paid advertisement from the company saying whatever they can fit in those 140 characters. This is a … Continue reading

It’s Vacation time for USA Today

Things are looking even worse for USA Today. It was announced that the paper, which is owned by Gannett, is forcing its employees to take a week long unpaid “vacation” and suspending salary increases for three months. This is not good. USA announced that its ad pages were down 10.5 percent in the last quarter … Continue reading

CBS vs.

Before the Buffalo wings are even in the oven, the Super Bowl has already heated up with controversy. With advertising revenue down, for both newspapers and television, some might think it’s odd that CBS rejected an ad for the Super Bowl. It was reported this week on that CBS (the station that will be … Continue reading