China hops on the 24/7 news cycle.

China is about to launch a 24/7 English news channel. China Xinhua News Network Corp, the government run news organization in China, aims to air a new perspective on world events that will differ from the western coverage. This is problematic because of the nature of the Chinese government and journalism in China. I am … Continue reading

The Internet is a series of showers…

I am pro net neutrality. And after a semester long of not doing anything but work I decided to look at my hundreds of videos that i subscribe to on YouTube and stumbled upon this… Nut neutrality is something that needs to happen, what needs to really happen is the government, or at this point … Continue reading

When people see a pay wall they run.

According to an article in the Media Daily News, Variety has seen its page views drop 40 percent ever since it put up a pay wall in December.  Also Newsday has seen a decline in its page views ever since it put up that infamous pay wall a few months ago. This is not surprising, … Continue reading

If I was graduating this semester…

I can honestly say I would not be scared, well maybe a little.  But If I was looking for a job in journalism right now, I would probably gravitate towards an online startup. Who knows, I might find the next big story. But where and what would it be. To be completely honest I don’t … Continue reading

Hulu is charging?

Well not really. This popular site for watching television online has announced it would start charging people a subscription fee for watching older episodes. This new feature, called Hulu Plus, would cost $9.95 a month. Hulu is under pressure to make money for its owners, News Corp, NBC Universal and the Walt Disney Co. that … Continue reading

Wired Magazine and the iPad, a Perfect Combination

Did I not say the iPad would work? Well just three weeks after its release the reports are in and it has accounted for almost 26 percent of Wired magazines online traffic. This is no surprise, Wired is a tech magazine and the people that read it are the ones most likely to have been … Continue reading

Ads Ads Ads!

Apple has unveiled a new way of doing advertising and it might actually work. At a recent press conference Steve Jobs announced iAd, a new aspect of the new developers kit for the iPhone OS4. i Ad will let people advertise inside applications. But these ads are not like the ones that appear on the … Continue reading

Making Money off Twitter

Twitter has announced that they have finally found a way to make money. However, I don’t think it will work. Basically what will happen is when someone searches a term, like Starbucks, the top tweet will be a paid advertisement from the company saying whatever they can fit in those 140 characters. This is a … Continue reading

Should the Government “Bailout” Newspapers?

No. That is a horrible idea, an easy idea, but a horrible solution. There needs to be a separation of the newspaper industry from any government influence. If not, journalists will be unable to report to the people information on their governments activities without some level of interference. Newspaper executives expressed great apprehension when they … Continue reading

Attack of the Catholic Church

While I was laying out a newspaper and digesting, or trying to digest the last of my peeps, the New York Times was continuing to make the Vatican really angry. In a recent article the Times reported about a pedophile priest that Pope Benedict XVI, then Archbishop of Munich, let get away with molesting a … Continue reading