My desktop

So my plan on actually posting stuff to this blog is an utter failure. I will try to remdy this but it is unlikely I will post stuff, hey no one is probably reading this anyway.

But I did have a thought this morning, and by this morning I mean when I woke up at noon from being at production all night.

This is my desktop. Note all the blacked out areas indicate things to do with The Statesman. That is not really good. My desktop is also a mess. People tell me to just hit clean up, but this is actually all organized for me…

I promise I am not crazy, I am just busy.

I do actually want to post about the New York Times pay wall later this week. I have been reading things about it online and some of the comments have irked me.

One Response to “My desktop”
  1. Folders are wonderful for organization and then you can organize once in there. Let me have at your computer lol

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