Ramblings at 5:00 AM

So I am going to attempt to start this up again, this whole blogging thing. First time it was for class, but now I figure I should probably just do it for myself.

I have no idea who will read this. But I have a hell of a semester on my hands and I need some kind of release.

I will probably blog about The Statesman, the campus newspaper that I run, as if you couldn’t tell that already by the title of this blog. I will also probably write about a plethora of other things. Those of you who know me can be sure to expect rants about how Apple is amazing and will take over the world and the every so often news event that sparks my interest.

But the one thing that I really want to blog about, I can’t.

I would love to explain my plans and ideas for the campus paper. But since I have competition in the form of other publications at Stony Brook, I can’t divulge my evil plans online for the world to see.

I will write about The Statesman. And when something my staff and I have worked on comes out I will probably talk about it. But I can’t talk about it before hand. And that’s actually quite frustrating since it would be so therapeutic.

But for now I am going to try to get some sleep, it’s about 5:00 a.m. now. But if your up anyway I am going to shamelessly plug my own work at Patch.com, which you can watch here.


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