China hops on the 24/7 news cycle.

China is about to launch a 24/7 English news channel. China Xinhua News Network Corp, the government run news organization in China, aims to air a new perspective on world events that will differ from the western coverage.

This is problematic because of the nature of the Chinese government and journalism in China. I am supposed to be going there this summer on the School of Journalism’s study abroad trip, so I don’t know off hand how the media works there. But what I do know is it is restricted and journalists in China rarely question the government, and if they do they are usually not doing it for long.

This doesn’t constitute what a journalist is to me. In my mind a good journalist, at a minimum, needs to question everything. They need to be the biggest skeptics, especially when it comes to covering a government or administration.

China is the world’s largest growing economy and to quote professor Haddad, “it will loom large in our lifetimes”. Entering the western media will be an interesting step for China and I am curious to see the quality of the reporting.


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