The Internet is a series of showers…

I am pro net neutrality. And after a semester long of not doing anything but work I decided to look at my hundreds of videos that i subscribe to on YouTube and stumbled upon this…

Nut neutrality is something that needs to happen, what needs to really happen is the government, or at this point Google, needs to make the internet faster and reach more of the country. But back to the issue at hand. Net Neutrality is essential because companies like Comcast and Cablevision are in business to make a profit. And these companies have a product that people need.  Lets face it, Internet access is as important as water and electric, if not more.

This is important for the news media because of the potential censoring of some websites, yes I consider slowing down traffic censorship. The Internet is something that was meant for everyone and it is something that should not, and really can’t be regulated as much as congress tries. After all it is called the World Wide Web.

2 Responses to “The Internet is a series of showers…”
  1. Rebecca says:

    Great comparison between the water and Internet. The internet has become a vital resource in our daily life. If they start to decrease the speed there will be NUMEROUS unsatisfied customers and it will become World War III. I’ll enjoy seeing the difference in internet ten years from now.

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