If I was graduating this semester…

I can honestly say I would not be scared, well maybe a little.  But If I was looking for a job in journalism right now, I would probably gravitate towards an online startup.

Who knows, I might find the next big story.

But where and what would it be. To be completely honest I don’t really care where it is as long as it’s on the east or west coats, preferably west.  Yes I know there is this whole middle section of the country between California and New York, but I really would like to not go there. Plus there are more news operations in major areas.

As to what I would be writing, well professor don’t kill me but something in the entertainment field might be fun. I would, of course, like to do something news based but if I can’t, I really do need to eat. But I would never sell out to TMZ. I would rather do anything than that.

But after I graduate or anyone graduates for that matter that is the time when you can afford to take chances. You can leave and go anywhere you want, because, for the most part, nothing is holding you down.

Now some say the job market for journalists is horrible. Well yes and no.

Will you be getting upwards to $100,000?


Will you get a job somewhere?

Most likely, if you are good enough.


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