Wired Magazine and the iPad, a Perfect Combination

Photo Credit: michaeltipper.com

Did I not say the iPad would work?

Well just three weeks after its release the reports are in and it has accounted for almost 26 percent of Wired magazines online traffic.

This is no surprise, Wired is a tech magazine and the people that read it are the ones most likely to have been standing in line the first day to get an iPad.

But nonetheless, this is an early sign that the iPad is starting to do what I hoped, and that is save print media.

The only problem: Most of Wired’s videos run on flash, which the iPad and iPhone has never been compatible with.

But Wired is converting their page to be compatible with the iPad

However, the iPad still needs to gain flash support or it will never be fully marketable as a mobile Internet device.

But for now, I’m going to go order an iPad.


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