Ads Ads Ads!

Apple has unveiled a new way of doing advertising and it might actually work.

At a recent press conference Steve Jobs announced iAd, a new aspect of the new developers kit for the iPhone OS4.

i Ad will let people advertise inside applications. But these ads are not like the ones that appear on the side of your computer screen while you surf around The New York Times website. These ads are interactive and let people really see what they might purchase.

The Toy Story 3 ad that Jobs showed didn’t even look like an ad, it looked like an application. And if other companies follow this model it could revolutionize online advertising.

Moreover, much more can be done with ads on the Internet, including a video, song and be interactive. These ads draw in the consumer – just look at the old little punch George Bush games.

I know almost every other post on here is something about Apple. But I really believe that this model can work and that a model like the iTunes store can work for newspaper sales as well.


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