Attack of the Catholic Church

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While I was laying out a newspaper and digesting, or trying to digest the last of my peeps, the New York Times was continuing to make the Vatican really angry.

In a recent article the Times reported about a pedophile priest that Pope Benedict XVI, then Archbishop of Munich, let get away with molesting a bunch of deaf children.

But that’s not the point of this blog. The Vatican has come out against the New York Times for publishing the story. They decided that it was an attack on the Catholic Church, which it was not. The Times was doing its job in informing the people of facts unlike some papers.

In Monday’s New York Times an article ran saying L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, came out in support of the Pope, big surprise there.

But this brings up the issue of conflicts of interest and bias in papers. The Vatican’s paper called the Times stories “crude propaganda” and a “base defamatory operation.”

Well of course they did, but that clearly shows the bias of the Vatican paper and the fact that it does not practice good journalism.

The New York Times, and the reporters there, are only doing their jobs and should not be attacked for it.


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