From Print to Digital: It’s Not as Easy as You Might Think

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Although print is not dead, yet, the Internet is quickly taking its place in journalism. The problem is journalists coming over from the print side sometimes find it difficult to fit in.

But in an article Penry Price, the vice president of global agency development at Google, said in the early years of the Internet takeover online sites were hiring the best print people. “You tried to draft the best athletes to your team,” he said in the Advertising Age article written by Nat Ives.

According to the same article between January 2005 and January 2010, 109,500 jobs were eliminated from newspapers and 19.400 jobs were eliminated from magazines. But during that same time period online jobs grew by only 18,300. Not an impressive number, but devastating for all those who lost their jobs.

But I hope that being a good and fair journalist has not gone by the wayside in the constant changing online spectrum. The Internet is a fast and scary place where information is constantly being shared. The rush to break a story cannot win over verification.

Another part of Ives’s article, that I found interesting, was his advice to not wear a suit. I cannot say how much I agree with him. Although getting all dressed up once in a while is nice. I will not be wearing a suit every day for the rest of my life. If I wanted to do that I would have become an accountant like my father.


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