I Want an iPad!

Photo Credit: smh.com

Watch these three videos. I think they speak for themselves.

iPad Sunset Mag Cover Spec from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

VIV Mag Interactive Feature Spread – iPad Demo from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

VIV Mag Featurette: A Digital Magazine Motion Cover and Feature for the iPad from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

If this is anything near what the iPad will be like I am regretting not preordering one.  This demo from VIVmag, a women’s magazine, is the best use yet I have seen of the iPad’s technology.

There are countless things this technology can do for newspapers and magazines, it might even do for news what iTunes did for music. I might be a bit optimistic here, but if this is the standard at which magazines will be sold then I can see many people turning away from free content and buying subscriptions to things like this.

2 Responses to “I Want an iPad!”
  1. Great post, Frank. Cool videos. It’s interesting to see how designers are mashing up the power of video with the idea of the magazine format and the technology of the iPad. I especially liked the video cover for Sunset magazine — one of my favorite mags. I would definitely be interested in subscribing — if I had an iPad. I’d say that gave me a better reason for wanting one than I had before, as I am loathe to give up books in print.

    • fposillico says:

      I would never give up books either. I like the feel and smell of them, I know I’m weird. But as good as this looks I am still going to wait until the next gen. Let Apple work its bugs out and improve on the design.

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