NBC’s Ratings are up… but still in 4th place or : How Television is Dying

So it seems that kicking Conan off the network actually worked, at least for now. The affiliates are happy because ratings have gone up and NBC is happy because ratings for primetime have also gone up. Conan of course is not happy, but let’s face it he got out while he still could and will probably do just fine.

Although NBC’s ratings have gone up the network is still in fourth place. CBS had more viewers and all NBC has right, in my opinion, is the hit show Law & Order, there are only so many these shows they can make

But what does this mean for journalism? My personal belief is that nightly newscasts will die out someday, or become shorter.  According to the State of the News Media 2010 report


, almost all viewership for local nightly news is down from 2008.

Most studies also show that the majority of older people are the ones who watch the nightly news rather than younger viewers. I know, I don’t have the time or patience.

Broadcasting local news at 5, 6 and 11 really doesn’t make any sense. They just, for the most part, repeat the same stories. One time slot is all that’s needed and most, if not all the news of the day, people already know about.

In my opinion I can see the future of news broadcast becoming something mainly for commentary, with people like John Stewart, Chris Matthews and Bill O’Reilly. And of course it will also be used for breaking news, becoming one of the main sources of news.


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