Linking: It’s Not that Complicated

Is The New York Times the be all and end all of media? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to link.

Linking online has become a common curtsey, the new citation. But the New York Times doesn’t link as Glynnis MacNicol points out in her Mediaite article.

Not linking in today’s media centric world where everything is online is an odd concept and the Times needs to know it has to start doing it. I can see why they don’t want to. They don’t want people going to other websites. I understand this, but you can make the link come up in a pop up window.

The New York Times links to itself but it does need to start linking to other places. To be more versatile and to show where it gets its information.

Come on New York Times your website is one of the best, why not make it even better.

2 Responses to “Linking: It’s Not that Complicated”
  1. guesswho says:

    I completely disagree, most of the times linking is there just for show. I have barely ever clicked on a link while reading a news story and commend The New York Times for not conforming.

    There’s so many ways to interact with readers right now, that everyone is just throwing up anything to see what sticks. But how valuable is linking? Have they done studies to see who actually clicks on them, and if so what in-text links are they actually clicking on?

  2. fposillico says:

    Linking is just for show? I don’t think so. It is there to provide a source of information for the reader. It’s good journalism to link back to where you got your material.

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