Is 3D what Newspapers need?

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Well I’m not really sure. But having Obama jump out of the front page of the New York Times, like something out of Harry Potter, would be pretty cool.

Newspapers need something to stay competitive and be profitable. You may think I am crazy but let me explain.

In the last few years, movie studios have been complaining they haven’t been making enough money at the box office and from DVD sales. But then what happens? Some genius thinks of bringing 3D into the mix and you have the highest grossing film of 2009, Avatar, and (as of now) the highest grossing film of 2010, Alice in Wonderland – can you tell I just came from seeing that?

This whole idea of offering something that you can’t get anywhere else is really what newspapers need to do if they want to continue to be around. A possible way of doing this is the iPad. Newspapers can offer their print edition on the iPad with content that you can only get there.

In October last year the New York Times ran a series called Held by the Taliban, a six-part story about reporter David Rohde’s experiences when he was captured. The story ran in the paper and online. Now, I know I was immersed in this story and couldn’t wait for the next day’s paper. It would have been a smart idea to at least make the articles exclusive to the print edition for the week they were coming out.

This would have most likely driven up sales on the print edition of the times that week and they might have been able to hook some new readers as well.

So will Barack Obama and the like be popping out of your morning paper any time soon? I think not. But something needs to happen or there will be no more morning newspaper to read with my coffee. But now we just keep going further down the rabbit hole into the unknown future.


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