Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The Walt Disney Company and Cablevision just can’t seem to get along. Each has been firing attacks at the other this week and the deadline ABC has set to pull its network WABC from Cablevision draws near.

Cablevision says ABC wants to charge $40 to carry its network. And Cablevision says it pays Disney $200 million a year for its other cable stations such as Disney Channel and ESPN.

Both sides have somewhat valid points but that is not the issue. Besides the fact that I don’t want to miss the Academy Awards, the fighting networks and cable companies have been doing has risen in the past year. Or at least it’s become more visual. The companies are fighting like politicians and as annoying as it is it is kind of funny.

Now I am not going to take a side. I honestly don’t care. I think this can be a problem for Cablevision if they don’t settle this because they are the underdog here. People can switch to a different provider if the networks and with one.

This could possible be the same effect that advertising had on newspapers. How all advertisers flicked to the paper that would give them the best deal and leave the others to wither and die.

Aside from my personal dissatisfaction and pure anger with Cablevision I do hope something can be worked out by weeks end so I can not watch the Academy Awards, while I lay out a newspaper, record it and hope to not hear the winners before I get home on Thursday.


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