Surprise! People Actually Watch the Olympics.

Well this is not really a surprise considering nothing else is on. Ever since the Olympics started all the other networks have put most of their shows on hold, or at least the ones I watch.

The only real contender was American Idol. One Tuesday, Idol beat the games by about 4 million viewers.

Live events draw in viewers. This years Super Bowl was the top rated show of all time. And the ratings for the World Series were up and the Golden Globes ratings were even up 10 percent.

One factor that made advertisers very happy were the ratings increase in the younger market. The 18-49 age group ratings were up for the Globes and the 12-24 group was up for the Olympics. That group is the Holy Grail of ratings. It’s the group that advertisers can sell to.

It makes sense that people watch live events more. It’s the water cooler effect. I can record an episode of Glee and watch it an hour later but live events are what everyone is talking about the next day and tweeting, and I guess buzzing now to, about when they are still airing.

I know I was lost the next day because I couldn’t watch the Super Bowl. I had no idea what everyone was taking about.

The next live event is the Academy Awards in a week. And I predict that the ratings will be up for that as well. I also hope I can actually watch this one, although that’s probably just hopeful thinking…


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