Should Media Mongols Run For Office?

It was reported in the New York Times this week that Mortimer B. Zuckerman, the publisher of the Daily News, might be running for the United States Senate

Media Credit:

He would be fighting for the seat now held by Kirsten E. Gillibrand who took office in 2009 when Hillary Clinton gave her seat up to become Secretary of State.

Is this a good fit? Besides his name giving me chills I have no qualms about his ability as a publisher. But what qualifies him to run for public office? And should he?

Like Mayor Bloomberg before him, giving up his position at Bloomberg LP, Zuckerman would have to give up his position at the Daily News. This also happened way back in 1905 and 1909 when “Media Mongol” William Randolph Hearst ran for mayor of New York City, and by the way he did not win.

This, of course, is all speculative, but friendships don’t die.

The people at the Daily News might think twice when writing about their old boss and editors might question an article that paints Zuckerman in a bad light.

I am interested to see how this plays out and what the coverage is like at the Daily News about Zuckerman’s bid for office.

One Response to “Should Media Mongols Run For Office?”
  1. lcioffi247 says:

    I would like to think journalists are a different breed of human that in no way have the resembling qualities of business men or political figures.

    In a perfect world, I guess.

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