The Slow Death of Print

It was summed up by Grandpa Simpson the best, “You’re in the newspaper business? Finally something that will die before I do.”

It was reported in the New York Times that magazine newsstand sales have plummeted in the last year by 9.1 percent, along with a decline in subscriptions. This is nothing compared to the individual fall offs seen on some major magazines.

Newsweek declined by 41.3 percent, Time Magazine down 34.9 percent and Harpers magazine down 28.5 percent.

Some magazines did see an increase in sales. However, those that did are not very well known and only increased by a small amount.

These declines in sales also mean that jobs will go with them. But if that makes the business more competitive then it’s for the better. We need journalists who are the best.

Some of the magazine companies actually called the Times to give some context to what these declines mean, but overall it just means that print is becoming less prominent.

Will print ever truly die, as has been predicted? I can honestly say that I don’t know. Nobody knows. But I hope it never truly dies out.

Reading a book or newspaper online is easy and free (for now.) But nothing can replace having a book in your hand. The way the pages feel and smell is all part of the experience. Newspapers may die, but the larger names will always exist whether online or in print.

So whether Grandpa Simpson is correct or not good journalism will always exist. It has to.

2 Responses to “The Slow Death of Print”
  1. lcioffi247 says:

    I don’t think print will ever die. Though news sales have plummeted, readership is increasing. In an age where information is overloaded in the internet and always readily available, readers are craving reliable news.

    The newspapers just need to find a way to monetize the internet.

    — If you ask me, Newsday hasn’t quite nailed it yet.

  2. fposillico says:

    There’s a lot of things Newsday hasn’t quite nailed down yet. But I agree. I don’t see as many newspapers as there are today but maybe a few will still exist.

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